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Get the Best iPhone 11 Trade-In Value

By Votmagadmin Mar20,2024

Amidst all the glitz and glory of the latest iPhones, there lies the humble, old iPhone 11. New iPhone users may not know this but the iPhone 11 is one of the most trusted smartphones ever. Those who have used it go gaga over its features. Many even regret parting with their iPhone 11! Somehow it got everything right. The design, the features, the user interface, the camera, and the strong build – you name it! Everything about the iPhone 11 is strength and beauty! No wonder people still get a huge iPhone 11 trade-in value.

The iPhone 14 Plus is another phone, making its presence felt in style. Even though it doesn’t have the Dynamic Island feature like its premium versions, it’s still one hell of a phone. The launch of the iPhone 15 has only made it more appealing in the second-hand iPhone market. If I sell my iphone 11  today, I‘m assured of a good price no matter what.

Once you see the lucrative offers on display for old iPhones, you’ll never be able to resist the urge to sell. I mean if I had the opportunity to get thousands of dollars for my old gadget, I would sell my phone in a heartbeat. So let’s give you a peek into the exciting world of used iPhones.

Understanding the ceaseless demand for iPhone 11

Vintage Apple products like iPhones and iPods are making big headlines these days. The Apple collectible market has become a behemoth. Old iPhones and other gadgets are fetching tens of thousands of dollars and their resale value is through the roof. Some of these gadgets are being sold at much higher prices than their initial cost! If you own a collection of old Apple gadgets, you could actually be sitting on a potential money minefield! The iPhone 11, too, falls under this category. The iPhone 11 trade-in value is heavily tilted in the seller’s favour now. Here’s why the demand for old iPhones like the iPhone 11 just keeps on rising:

  • Expensive new iPhones: The new iPhones coming in are too costly. These overly-priced gadgets, no matter how fantastic, go automatically out of reach for a large section of society. Many people thus find solace in old iPhones.
  • Depreciating global currencies: In many parts of the world, recession is kicking in. Britain is still to recover from the Brexit shock. China and the US are also struggling with their economies. Currency values internationally are depreciating fast, making it even harder to afford new iPhones.
  • Aspirational emerging world order: Countries like India, Malaysia, and Vietnam are doing their bit to establish a multi-polar world by strengthening their economies. Per capita incomes have increased in these countries and this has given rise to an aspirational population who wants to own the best gadgets.
  • High auction value of vintage Apple products: The brand value of Apple never ceases to amaze. Vintage computers, iPods, and decade-old iPhones make for classic collectible items. You would be surprised to see the auction value of some of these products. If I sell my phone, I stand the chance to gain thousands of pounds in a matter of seconds!

How does the iPhone 11 stand in comparison to the iPhone 14 Plus?

It is clear how the pricing structure of new iPhones and Apple’s collectible market size is influencing the demand for old iPhones. It has made the competition intense for new iPhones and only the best phones are about to survive it. Apple is smart enough to realise this and hence, it keeps on adding tempting new features to its latest iPhones to keep people hooked. So, here’s a quick comparison of the iPhone 11 and the iPhone 14 Plus to see how the old guard fares in comparison to its newer counterparts:

  1. iPhone 11
  2. The launch highlight of the iPhone 11 was its 12 MP dual camera.
  3. The aluminium and gorilla glass finish is one of the sturdiest structures you’ll ever see in a gadget.
  4. Has a 6.1-inch screen with an LCD panel
  5. Uses the A13 bionic chip with a 4-core engine support
  6. DolbyAtmos support for an enhanced media experience
  7. iPhone 14 Plus
  8. Dual 12 MP camera with an optical image stabilisation technology
  9. Has a similar aluminium and gorilla-glass structure to the iPhone 11
  10. Has a 6.7-inch screen with an OLED panel display
  11. Uses A15 bionic chip with 5 core engines
  12. The rear panel is removable. This enables easier battery replacements.

There are three noticeable differences between the two iPhones. These are:

  • the screen size,
  • the display quality, and
  • the processor

The iPhone 14 Plus is a major upgrade in terms of processing speed. The latter is an important factor when I sell my iPhone 14 plus for a lucrative quote.

Benefits of selling iPhone 11

Apart from a few additional features in the latest iPhones, there’s little to root for them. This is the reason you see more public interest in older iPhones. Here are the benefits you can reap if you sell your iPhone 11:

  • Fix your gadget mess: Maybe your house is cluttered with too many gadgets and you’re looking to save space with a thorough cleanup.
  • Get a high-value deal: You can get a high-value deal that recovers a big chunk of your initial investment. The availability of good buyback services makes such deals possible.
  • Chance of jackpot win: With Apple collectibles going for such high prices online, you never know when your luck will shine through. You could be sitting on a jackpot if a buyer is really committed to having the iPhone 11.

What should you do to get the best offers for your iPhone 11?

Here are the things you need to follow to get the best iPhone 11 trade-in value:

  • Unlock the phone: As you know, if a random stranger finds a locked iPhone, it is useless to him. There’s simply no way to open it! Although it’s a protective feature, you don’t want this to happen to the buyer! Make sure you reset the factory settings so that the phone reaches the buyer in an unlocked mode.
  • Keep your expectations real: The high-value auction prices you see for vintage Apple gadgets may not always pan out in real life. The iPhone 11 is still quite new and it would be wise to keep your price expectations real when you consider the trade-in offer.
  • Delete files and passwords: This goes without saying. Deleting your files and passwords from the phone is the most important step of all. It protects your personal data from reaching the wrong hands.
  • Keep your iPhone covered: If I sell my phone and expect a great deal, it can happen only if I keep it in good condition. Invest in a good iPhone cover that keeps the camera module and rear panels well protected.
  • Search for the best buyback service: Although Apple offers a trade-in program of its own, it sucks! You’ll seldom realise the true worth of your iPhone on their platform. On the other hand, if I were to sell my iPhone 14 Plus to a buyback service, I could get a deal that’s near my expectations. Perhaps even more!

Key Takeaway

The brand of Apple is such that the older its products get, the more valuable it becomes. Old iPhones are only going to see higher values as it’s a seller’s market now. If you own vintage Apple products and older versions of the iPhone like the iPhone 11, you’re holding on to a treasure! You can sell your gadget now and get the best iPhone 11 trade-in value ever.


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